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Career Coaching Testimonials


"Barbara Deters is a rock star among human resource consultants. She helped me rewrite my resume, turning it into a top-flight representation of my skills. She helped prepare me for high-level interviews at a Fortune 50 company. She coached me through the entire process, providing dead-on strategies that I would never have developed on my own. And best of all, she empowered me to negotiate for and receive a significantly higher salary and benefits with my new job. Investing in Barbara's services paid dividends far in excess of the cost. Plus, she's a delight to work with!"


- Shera, client



"Barbara helped me a great deal as I was preparing to graduate from college and enter the work force. She took time to talk to me about career possibilities that matched my degree, skill set and work experience. She helped me become focused in my job search, confident in my abilities and what I could offer an employer, and well prepared to interview for jobs. I credit Barbara's coaching and resume-writing talents with helping me land a great job within weeks of graduation. She was great to work with and I would recommend her services to others.


- Mary, client



"I hired Barbara to revamp my resume and prepare a marketing plan for me. She did an excellent job of capturing the skills I would bring to a prospective employer and was able to present those skills in a succinct, orderly and easily understood way. The marketing plan she prepared was like a roadmap to the types of companies I most wanted to work for. Through it all, Barbara was both flexible and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone."


- Marty, client



"I would recommend working with Barbara because she improved my ability to find a new position quickly. She brought me, my resume and approach to locating new opportunities into the 21st Century and continually made herself available when I had questions during the application, interview and negotiation process. In fact her energy level doubles, which is amazing to experience, when she has an opportunity to review your offer letter and discuss how to achieve your best offer. Job hunting is hard work but Barbara sure helped me navigate the process significantly faster and with a better outcome."


- Steve, client



"I recommend Barbara to anyone wanting a professional resume that will help you get your "foot in the company door." In today's economy, it is essential to have a resume that will stand out above the hundreds of resumes a company receives for one position and Barbara helped me do just that! Her in-depth knowledge and attention to every detail of your employment search is phenomenal." 


- Pamela, client



"I am pleased to recommend Barbara for resume writing. Barbara is a gifted communicator and writer. She utilizes both skills to assist her resume clients. Barbara’s ability to listen is a key ingredient which enables her to ‘word craft’ your professional experience into a rock solid resume."


- Cheryl, client



"Barbara has provided sage advice on more than one occasion, as I pondered career next steps. Her wisdom and honesty spurred me on in my search, in addition to offering useful negotiation tips. She also filled in some gaps on the how to's of implementing a personal marketing plan."


- Sara, client



"Barbara is an excellent career coach with a passion for helping people succeed! Guided by her expertise, I quickly and effectively updated my resume and networked with contacts at local companies. Shortly thereafter, I received a job offer at a well-renowned company! After I received the offer, she was there to help me through each stage of the hiring process. I would recommend Barbara to anyone who wants to achieve new levels of success in their career!"


-Lindsay, client

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