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Deters Consulting FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions from Job Seekers


Q: In today's social media world, is a resume still valuable?


A: You bet it is. Resumes are no long just a listing of your past job titles and where you worked. Today's resume is a marketing piece that illustrates your ability to help a company reach its goals. It focuses on your skills and accomplishments. While most likely you'll apply online for your job, having your resume will enable you to complete the job application process more quickly, It also is a tool you'll use when networking your way into a company. 


Q: How is a resume going to help me successfully complete a company's online applicant tracking system?


A: Applying online through a company's applicant tracking system has become quite complicated. You'll need two resumes: one you can use to apply online that allows the applicant tracking system to read it correctly and one you use as a presentation resume when you are emailing it to an individual or presenting it in a networking meeting or interview. Having a correctly written resume will enable your application to be submitted successfully and improve your score in the database. 


Q: Why is a LinkedIn profile important?


A: Many online job application systems aren't just overwhelming to you. They're overwhelming to company recruiters too. Employers receive so many applications, it's hard for recruiters to rifle through the candidates. More and more recruiters are searching LinkedIn for their job candidates. A recent study found that 70 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates but only 37 percent of job seekers are using it. If you're not there, you won't be found!


Q: I'm a shy person. Do I have to network?


A: Networking is critical to your job search and for building lasting professional relationships. Let's face it. Even the most outgoing person sometimes has difficulty putting himself or herself out there to be judged. There are techniques even shy people can use to feel more comfortable when networking.


Q: I'm lousy at interviewing. How do I make a good impression on the hiring manager?


A: Arriving for the interview confident in your ability to communicate your skills is half the battle. The other half is understanding the nonverbal communications that occur during an interview. How you dress and act will have an effect on the hiring manager. You're "on" from the moment you step onto the employer's property, even before you start the actual interview. So be nice to the receptionist.  

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