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Whether you’re unemployed, or employed but looking for a better opportunity, knowing where you want to go is not the same as knowing how to get there. Effectively managing the transition from where you are to where you want to be is the difference between failure and success.

You want the next step to be the right step. I can put you on the path to landing the job you want.


It's your search, but I partner with you to develop an individualized action plan and coach you through each step of the job-search process so that you get noticed, interviewed and hired. You will receive personalized, one-on-one attention. If you live in the St. Louis market, we’ll meet in person.


Services that I offer are listed below along with links to more information and related client testimonials.


Services are competitively priced, and can be purchased individually a la carte. I offer a discount if you purchase more than one service. In addition to the services listed, I offer general career consulting at an hourly rate.


When you’re ready to get started on your new career path, contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to determine if we’re the right match to work together.

Assist you in taking your career in a new direction through my career exploration service

Build a personal marketing plan that provides structure to your career search and networking meetings

Help you realize your amazing skills and talents to create individualized resumes and cover letters that speak to your unique qualifications

Develop your social media presence though LinkedIn and teach you how to network through face-to-face meetings and social media 

Improve your interviewing skills and teach you how to conduct research on jobs and companies

Negotiate the best compensation package without leaving money and extras on the table

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