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I am no stranger to the challenges faced by job seekers in the modern workplace. I’ve faced firsthand the corporate mergers, down-sizing, layoffs, career changes and relocations that test countless individuals every day as they strive to carve out a career in an ever-changing job market.


Finding the right way to effectively communicate your worth in today's job market is about marketing, presenting yourself well and making the right professional connections.


Navigating through your job search can be a difficult process. For some, it's uncharted territory. Others are using outdated maps. A savvy traveler plans out their route with the most current information and an end destination in mind. 


I can help you focus on your destination and the best route and vehicles to get you there.


I'm passionate about helping you reach your career goals. I work to position you for success in the marketplace by providing customized career-search strategies and career communications that make you job-market ready.


I have a deep understanding of the job market, critical skills in demand today, networking and interview techniques, and the negotiation process. Most importantly, I've been where you are. I understand not only the current technical aspects of looking for a job, but what it's like to be laid off, change careers and find happiness in a new profession. 


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